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I practice and teach holistic and tantric styles of yoga, as well as Shakti Dance) - yoga as a way of being and consciouness, woven into every aspect of life and weaving together many styles and practices......and it all starts with the body, the breath, movement, posture and energy.


As we use stretches, movements and postures which improve the flexibility, strength and every aspect of health in our bodies, I encourage that we let this permeate our whole selves and learn how to connect to and work with our inner energy system of chakras and nadis and to our energy fields (/energy bodies).


As we release contracted energy in the body, it passes through our energy fields, so sometimes strong emotions and thought processes can come up. Yoga classes are a safe space for this process and I am experienced in creating and holding the space for deep healing and transformation.


I believe that yoga is meant to be a pleasure. Of course its going to be challeging sometimes, but in a good way. We want to leave a class feeling happier and more relaxed in body, mind and soul.

On this website you can read about Tantra, Shakti-Kundalini, Chakras & Energy Bodies, Shakti Dance, Meditation, the Sacred Feminine, Sacred Earth & Sacred CyclesSacred Union, Psychospiritual Development and Working with Spirit. Yoga classes can open the door to real and lasting change. All of these practices are interwoven and each an intrinsic part of every other because our minds, bodies and souls are interwoven in this way. We use our breath, our awareness and work with energy and it is all available. Tantra means to weave and expand and holistic means to regard the whole. 

I teach intuitively and respond to need, using whatever style or approach is right in that moment; sometimes classes are deeply relaxing, sometimes energising, sometimes both. I find intuitive movement and good alignment are both really valuable so I teach both, explain and let students feel the benefits of both.


Using the breath consciously and deliberately is intrinsic to every movement and every posture and to meditation, but I also include specific pranayama exercises on occassion and find it most helpful to offer dedicated pranayama sessions in which we can explore different techniques.  


Themed classes (e.g. hip opening) can help us to go more deeply into a particular part of the body and energy system but we are always acknowledging and working with the whole.


The way we move and breathe in yoga practices is informed, not only by our understanding of the physical body but also that of the energy which moves through, animates, brings consciousness to our bodies and connects us to all of creation.


As we are part of the natural cycles of life, we work in ways which help us to connect, embody, appreciate and use them to help us, especially the solar and lunar cycles

I completed a 500 training with the Karuna School of Yoga, which is a Hatha Yoga style (inspired by Iyengar Yoga) developed by Ruth White, a wonderful teacher to whom I am deeply grateful.


I now draw upon the practices of different traditions because I believe there is no single correct way to "do yoga" - the whole point of yoga is to be able to feel and understand what your body, mind, heart and soul really need in the moment and be able to respond to that. My job is to help students to develop a relationship with the body that contibutes to ever increasing health and vitality, self care and compassionate self-awareness - we do not beat the body into submission, we love and encourage it! I offer classes which develop this kind of body awareness and a variety of ways of working with yoga so students can develop a resource upon which to draw in daily life.


I offer 1on1 yoga sessions and private group classes by arrangement, so please contact me to talk about what you would like.


Workshops and retreats including yoga, meditation, Shakti Dance, psychospiritual development and other related fields can also be arranged - please see the workshops page for some examples and get in touch to talk about creating a special workshop or retreat for your guests, students or team. 


I also offer 1on1 intuitive-psychic readings, healing and personal coaching sessions and Osho Zen Tarot readings, both in person and over Skype.

My public class in Edington, Somerset (UK) is currently being covered by Thalia Brown. Please make contact with Thalia before attending your first class: 07706 462563.


Thursdays 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Edington Village Hall

Lippets Way

Edington TH7 9HA




My very first yoga teacher, Sylvia Smith, gave me these words, printed on the back of her class schedule. I am eternally grateful to her for opening the door to peace and a life more magical than I could have dared to hope for. Thank you Sylvie, God Rest Your Soul xxxxx



Never Give Up


Never give up

No matter what is going on

Never give up.

Develop the heart.

Too much energy in your country is spent

Developing the mind instead of the heart.

Be compassionate not just to your friends

But to everyone

Be comapssionate.

Work for peace and I say again

Never give up.

No matter what is happening,

No matter what is going on around you,

Never give up.


- HH Dalai Lama



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