Sacred Feminine, Sacred Earth, Sacred Cycles

" is necessary for women to return to their instinctive lives, their deepest knowing. So, let us push on now, and remember ourselves back to the wild soul. Let us sing her flesh back onto our bones. Shed any false coats we have been given. Don the true coat of powerful instinct and knowing. Infiltrate the psychic lands that once belonged to us. Unfurl the bandages, ready the medicine. Let us return now, wild women howling, laughing, singing up The One who loves us so. 


For the issue is simple. Without us, Wild Woman dies. Without Wild Woman, we die. Para Vida, for true life, both must live."


- Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Woman Who Run with the Wolves

Sacred Feminine

"The One" refers to the Wild Woman archetype, about whom Clarissa Pinkola Estés writes in her seminal work on the inner life of women. The powerful energy of the Wild Woman has been surpressed, denied and de-valued for many hundreds of years but in the past, it was recognised as sacred: respected, loved and even revered as divine by both women and men. The Wild Women showed up in many forms, stories, songs, the goddesses of ancient religions and the day to day lives and rituals of earth honouring peoples. Yet it was also accepted and understood that her essence was alive and embodied in every women.


The Wild Women can be described as a Primal Goddess and she has more than one expression. She is the Maiden (aka the Virgin Warrior), the Mother, the Enchantress (aka the Priestess) and the Crone. Thus, the Wild Woman embodies the true, ever changing nature of the feminine, the cycle of Life, Death and Re-birth. The archtypes of Maiden, Mother, Enchantress and Crone can all be found in the stories, ledgends and mythology of every culture. (See also, Sacred Cycles, below)


In so much of the modern world, across cultures, religions, communities and families, a woman's worth is measured by her service to others....her abilities to give: to care, to work (both within and outside of the home) and to accept an overload of conflicting demands with good grace - to be all things to all people, all of the time.


By contrast, the Wild Women  knows when to work, when to rest and when to play; when to be with and when to be alone. She trusts her gut, tells the truth and gives us permission to be what we truly are and do what we truly need to do, not what is expected of us. 


She is not Wild in the sense of being out of control, but wild as in intuitive, creative, playful, wise and free. She feels and knows herself to be both a creature of Nature and a being of Spirit. She understands that all the energy in the entire cosmos moves in waves, cycles and spirals. 

I specialise in empowering women to become more of who they are. Every area of my work provides great opportunities for discovering, healing and developing the Wild Women within, from subtle but profound shifts in consciouness, to making wildly spectacular changes to your life, a good relationship with your wild, intuitve self can only serve you well.  


Through yoga, meditation, Shakti Dance, readings, healing and coaching, psycho-spiritual development and workshops, I am helping women to discover the beauty of being, embracing and appreciating our whole selves ....not just the parts of ourselves we have been taught are acceptable. The pressure to "be nice", often causes us to push into "the shadows" of our psyche, feelings, desires, intuitve knowings, our freedom to make choices which feel right, to express ourselves and there they lie hidden as things we feels ashamed of or been told are unacceptable. And so there in the shadows, often lie hidden many of the qualitites which make us strong, compassionate, wise, intuitive, passionate, creative.... and free. 


This instinctual, wild, sacred feminine lives within all women. When she is hidden we can become tired all the time, irritable, depressed, bored, anxious and frustrated...... but she is not gone - we can all find her, deep in our bodies, our hearts and our psyches.


As soon as women feel a need to find and connect with their own sacred feminine energy and are willing to search and to develop the relationship, unique-wild-intuitve-free self, starts to emerge and with it we become more energised, passionate, excited about life, peaceful, creative and fullfilled and our potential for genuine happiness is much, much greater. 


  • Reclaiming and honouring feminine consciouness is equally important for both women and men, as it is important for both women and men to also examin masculine consciouness and to heal what is present but wounded, bringing them into balance, harmony and sacred union.


  • All the work that I offer is totally open to men as well as women unless clearly stated (e.g. a women's full moon meditation or a women's menstural awareness workshop). If in doubt, please get in touch and ask :-) 


  • On the Workshops page, you can see examples of content for workshops -  specifically for women in Lunar Awareness of the Wild Women and for both women and men in Exploring Sacred Union Within.



  • Please read on, on this page, for a little more discussion about these interwoven topics: Sacred Earth and Sacred Cycles

Sacred Earth

For millenia, feminine consciouness and Nature were respected, honoured and loved - the two go hand in hand. It is relatively recent in the history of our species that we have become detached from this consciousness and both humanity and the Earth have suffered deeply as a result. We know now that we have almost lost something precious and we are reclaiming it with stories, songs, dance and movement, prayers, ritual, celebrations, meditations and anything we do with awareness of the Sacred Feminine. As within, so without: we can heal not only ourselves, but also this beautiful planet.

Connecting with nature and the elements, through celebration and ritual is a path of self-knowledge, potent magic and strong medicine for the mind, body and soul. Marking natural cycles of the moon, sun and seasons and working with fire, water, air, earth and ether, enhances our ability to flow with our own cycles of energy, emotion, projects, relationships, the births, lives and deaths of loved ones, our own stages of life and living and so on.

Yoga, dance, meditations and other techniques which enhance our capacity to hear the body's own wisdom and intuition, expand our awareness and work with energy, also contribute to this healing of feminine consciousness and improve our relationship with the physical world and our awareness of the earth itself.


In my classes, workshops and coaching sessions, I create opportunites to develop this awareness and teach people simple ways to connect through celebration and ritual. So, as you develop your relationship with yourself, you develop your relationship to Nature, become more aware and find yourself just naturally taking more action to care for yourself and for the planet. 

It is also true that when we are at peace we cannot cause harm....and it is vital that we also take positive actions as often as possible to look after this planet please don't sit back and wait for inner peace, do something good for the earth now!!


You could: buy a re-usable water bottle and stop buying single use plastic, buy the loose tomatoes instead of the ones in a plastic wrapper, car share intead of driving yourself ("just in case"), plant a tree, move to a sustainable eco-community, get a train instead of a plane.......whatever you can do, whether its a little thing or a big change of lifestyle, doing what you can and sometimes stetching yourself a little to do a good thing, feels great and it does make a difference.

Sacred Cycles

Everything in the cosmos flows in waves, cycles and spirals - earth, moon, sun, stars, everything. Everything on earth flows this way too, including us.....with every breath we embody the cyclic nature of life. In Vedic (yogic) teachings, life-force energy is known as Shakti, the Primal Goddess, and understanding the qualities of energy within a cycle is fundamental to those teachings - and really quite simple.


Developing our awareness of the cycles of nature (which are essentially all cycles of Life, Death & Rebrith) helps us to experience ourselves as a vital part of the whole, to ride the waves of nature, to realise we are waves of nature, and know that we are loved and held by a benevolent, magical force which is not just happening around us, but through us.


We can learn about the different qualities of energy apparent within every cycle, the qualities of Shakti, by really simple, direct experience in yoga, dance, meditation and pranayama classes - and find that there is actually nothing to "learn" because we are already embodying it, we just needed someone to point them out and to practice being aware of them. 

Menstrual Cycle Coaching

An active menstrual cycle is a really obvious embodiment of sacred feminine energy which takes a women through the archetypal energies of Maiden, Mother, Enchantress and Crone with each cycle. For many generations now, women have been required to deny and work against their own bodies, girls left confused, half or barely informed and often ashamed of their periods, bodies and sexuality. Many women and girls cannot even imagine how their menstrual cycle can bring them joy and be immensely powerful - so there is much work to do. Riding the wave of creation is liberating, empowering and frees up a lot of energy - women are not meant to live and work in linear ways, we are meant to feel and use the qualities of energies of cycles as they come and go. There is no one way of doing this, but given the space to explore and experiment, every women can thrive and create in her own unique way. 


While menstrual cycle awareness (and education) is an integral element of my work, this does not preclude or marginalise women who do not have an active mensrtual cycle or indeed men: lunar cycles include all beings and life on earth and are an excellent way to work with the life, death and re-birth cycle and all it's qualities of energy. 

As within, so without: we are sacred and the Earth is sacred. Reclaiming feminine consciousness is for women, for men and for all life on Earth. When we are whole and at peace, we cannot cause harm and even now, the Earth offers us every opportunity to come into peace, simply by Being - aware and present in Nature. Nature is uncondtional love.

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