Psychospiritual Development

A clear and free mind is the perfect servant of one's true heart and soul.


Spirituality shows up in the heart and soul, so psychospiritual development pertains to the relationship between the mind and the soul.


This "inner work" helps us to allow the soul to be the inspiration for our dreams and our guiding force for peace, fulfillement and balance, with the mind supporting, rather than undermining, our growth and endevours. 


With the heart, soul and mind all working together, we can create a soulful life in the physical world.

Utilising our innate neuroplasticity and techniques such as reflective jounaling, free writing, questioning, sharing, guided meditation and art therapy, we can identify beliefs and habits the mind is holding onto which are actually holding us back and gradually re-wire the actual structure of the brain so it supports the soul, our true, integreated selves, dreams and purpose. The mind and the thoughts we think can become some of the tools we use to create an en-lightened reality.

Just as we know the ocean because it always tastes of salt, we can recognise enlightenment because it always tastes of freedom



It is more helpful to think of enlightenment this way rather than as a destination we aim for, a goal. Anything which makes us feel a little lighter, a little more peaceful, a little more loved and loving, a little more authentic and free, is a moment of en-lighten-ing our reality. These moments can get longer and closer together, but the only moment we have is Now. 


A still mind, not thinking, is great and meditation can help us to experience that but we do also have thoughts, so it is important to ask, do my thoughts taste like freedom?

When we practice yoga and meditation, we can become aware of entrenched ways of thinking and beliefs which are actually very restrictive and maybe keeping us from creating the happy, fullfilling lives of which we dream. 


Our relationships with our bodies and our relationships with ourselves, others and the world around us can come to the fore: body awareness, compassionate and loving self awareness, as encouraged in both yoga and Shakti Dance classes, are a begining point of deep and lasting change.

For people who wish to go more deeply into this element of transformational work, I am happy to offer 1on1 sessions and group workshops, using a variety of practices which I have worked with myself and coached other people to work with for many years. Please contact me to talk about the possibilities. For examples of group workshop content which includes pyschospiritual exercises, please go the Workshops page. 


1on1 readings, healing and coaching sessions often include teaching and coaching, the exact nature of which will be intuited in your reading.

"Happiness is when what you think, say and do, are in harmony."


- Mahatma Gandhi 

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