Osho Zen Tarot

Osho Zen Tarot readings bring insight, understanding and guidance which can help you to see way beyond what is obvious on the surface of any situation, relationship, experience, opportunity or possibility.






Reading tarot cards is a great way to focus on answering specific questions. When I read tarot, I am still using a full range of intuitive-psychic (or subtle) senses, but the cards will point in a specific direction - rather like being given a map of a specific area rather than using a whole sky full of stars to navigate by.  They can point to likely future outcomes but nothing and no-one can tell you your future with absolute certainty because you always have free will and you can change even the most likely outcome of a situation by the actions you choose to take and the thougt you choose to think.



I use Osho Zen Tarot cards, which are different from traditional tarot cards in that they are based on the understanding of life and practices of living which come from the Zen Buddist tradition, as taught by a well known and prolific teacher Osho.


You do not need to undestand anything about Zen Buddism to understand your reading, it is my job to use the map and take the best path to receive, interpret and explain the guidance you are being given. One of the beautiful things about this form of tarot is that it guides us in ways that are devoted to the development of peace, harmony and unity...in other words, unconditonal love. 




Tarot readings are £15 for 45 mins and £20 for one hour in person or on Skype.


Please do get in touch! 

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