Meditation is a foundation of my practice and teaching - and there are so many ways to meditate. It always starts with breath and awareness - very simple - and from here we have infinite possibility. I have taught many people to meditate using a variety of techniques and I truly believe everyone can do it if they are willing and open.


Meditation opens the door better physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, to peace, wholeness and expanded awareness and the magic flowing within and around us.  

The way I teach meditation is that we are not trying to control the mind or force ourselves to stop thinking, but to simply direct our awareness - away from the busy-ness of the thinking. As we do this, the mind becomes more clear and more free.


When we first begin to meditate, it can seem really difficult and a lot of people believe they can't do it and give up but all that is needed is a little support and the understanding that we are not trying to force anything. With guidance and the willingness to practice it gets easier and everyone can do it.

Awareness expanding and deeping into what is beyond our normal consciousness is the key to working with Energy and Spirit, Nature, Shamanic and Tantric practices and at the same time, they are all ways to help us to learn to direct, expand and deepen our awareness. 


Guided meditations and bringing an expanded awareness to all kinds of ceremony, ritual and practice, help us to learn become of the subtle energies of ourselves, Nature and Spirit and to develop our ability to work consciously with them. 

Every kind of meditation also clears our energy - both within the physical body and in the energy bodies which is cruical to our being able to be "centered" - clear, integrated and in harmony with ourselves.

I offer 1on1 meditation tuition and private group classes by arrangement, so please contact me to talk about the possibilities


1on1s, classes workshops and retreats for yogameditationShakti Dancepsychospiritual development and other related fields can also be arranged - please see the workshops page.

You should sit in meditation 20 minutes a day.

Unless you are too busy, in which case, you should sit for one hour.


- Old Zen adage

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