Intuitive Arts: Readings, Healing, Teaching & Coaching

I offer a special combination of intutive-psychic reading, healing energy work, teaching and personal coaching in 90 minute sessions, 1on1, in person and over Skype. 


Receiving insight, healing, teaching and coaching helps us to transmute suffering into peace more quickly and more clearly and enables us to create the life and find the happiness we wish for.



The combination of reading, healing, teaching and coaching can: bring new perspectives; give you a deeper, broader and more holistic understanding of yourself, your life and your situations; help you to heal and move beyond the affects of past experiences and trauma and soothe current emotional, mental or energetic turmoil; to bring your heart, mind and soul into harmony with oneanother; to learngrow and make deep and lasting positive changes from a place of self-respect, self-care, self-responsability and self-love; to heal your relationships of all kinds; to follow your dreams, to find the freedom and courage do what excites and inspires you; realise your own power and magic, be happy and be at peace in your heart. 


"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom"

- Anais Nin

You are unique and every session is different but all sessions are a safe and lovingly held space which includes:


  • an intuitive-psychic reading of you, your energy system and your situation, sharing the insights and helping you understand them
  • any healing, teaching and/or coaching that the reading shows will be supportive for you at the time of the session and will help you in the days, weeks and months after the session
  • teaching or coaching in any area you are specifically interested in developing, e.g. meditation, sacred feminine empowerment or energy work


Supported by my own Spirit Guides, I connect into the fields and realms of subtle energy to receive the insight and guidance which I will share with you.


The energies in our chakras and nadis system (known as the subtle anatomy or the yogic anatomy) are part of a vast energy system which includes our own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy fields which are in turn part of an infinite field of energy which connects everything, in our 3 dimensional world and beyond.


Intuitve-psychic ability (sometimes refered to as "working with Spirit", "subtle senses" or "clare senses" - clare audience, clare voyance, clare sentience, clare gustance and clare prescience) is another way of describing well developed expanded awareness which enables me to hear, see, feel and know what is beyond the surface of day to day experience.


Healing Energy Work & Guided Meditation

Everything we are experiencing now (as well as things from the past which are still effecting us) shows up in our energy system which means that energy work is a very powerful way to bring healing to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves


This a really simple but very effective process of connecting into a stream of clear, bright and loving energy to lift, clear and balance the energy which is flowing through or perhaps stuck in our chakras and energy fields.


Sometimes I will simply perform the energy work myself and sometimes the person is activley involved through guided meditation. 


The streams of energy to which I am connecting are infinitly loving, so it's a very safe and lovely experience and even if it brings up an emotional release, you are being held by love, beauty and magic


I will also teach you how to continue, develop and deepen your healing process after the session.

Teaching & Personal Coaching

Coaching can give you skills and techniques to integrate the insight and guidance from your reading, to develop and maintain your inner peace, clarity, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing therefore, to make deep and lasting changes in any area of your life.


It may include:


  • Meditation techniques
  • Writing, jounalling, reflective questioning and many other psychospiritual development techniques which utilise neuroplasticity and so help you to become free from any beliefs and conditioned (learnt) responses which are holding you back or making you unhappy
  • Chakra and energy field clearing
  • Connecting with your own Spirit Guides
  • Developing your connection with nature
  • Learning to work with Moon Cycles, Solar Cycles (and for women, your own menstural cycle) to support and improve your physical, emotional and energetic health and increase your creativity
  • Develeoping your own intuitive-psychic abilities.


I specialise in empowering women to become more free, to love, appreciate and express themselves, to develop their creativity and to find more peace and more happiness. To read more about this area of work, please see Sacred Feminine, Sacred Cycles, Sacred Earth 

Ready? Id love to hear from you....

If you would like to book a session, please get in touch! This is work can help you to make positive and lasting changes to every aspect of your inner and outer world - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - especially if you commit to integrating the insights, acting upon the guidance and practicing the techniques you will receive.  


I ask clients to invest £30 per one-and- a-half hour session.


Please grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can

and the wisdom the know the difference

- Ancient Prayer, Anon

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