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I really love my work - whether I am teaching classes and workshops or giving 1on1 readings, healings, teaching and coaching in person or over Skype,  I feel very, very lucky to have work I love to do. Everything expressed on my website, I have devoted myself to, studied and learnt through experience, practised, continue to integrate more and more fully and now share with others.



I left the UK in August 2019 to follow my dream of travelling and working in beautiful spaces, seeing the world and to connect and work with like-hearted souls.



I make a practise of choosing joy and peace, not in denial of the suffering of so many people and places or in denial of the changes humanity and the earth needs, but because to do so, transmutes the frequencies of fear and anger which cause pain, suffering and destruction.



My breadth and depth of healing experiences means I can now hold a strong, loving and compassionate space for others, with genuine empathy and understanding.



I am committed to contributing to the creation of a beauty-full, peace-full, joy-full new age for all people, the earth and all her plants and creatures. I am open to opportunities to make a real difference and believe that by working together we can create real change.  



My life changed in 2007 when I took myself to a yoga class, desperately in need of a way to help myself through a really tough time. I loved it and after devoting myself to Hatha (Karuna) Yoga, Eckhart Tolle’s teachings and Iyshar’s Ascension Mediation for a number of years, I began taking Yoga Beats and Shakti Dance lessons, qualified as a yoga teacher (500 Hours) and began teaching and incorporating other more intuitive styles of yoga. I have now been teaching yoga for 10 years.



Five years after staring yoga and really embracing it wholeheartedly as a way of life,  I went to the Peruvian Amazon to work with plant medicines and returned there a few months later to teach yoga in a healing temple, as an integrative practice to guests on a deep immersion program. Returning to the UK, I moved to Glastonbury, where I lived and continued to work with plant medicines both as a participant and as an assistant on retreats, completed my Shakti Dance Teacher Training (Levels 1&2)  learnt Transcendental Meditation, other forms of meditation and volunteered on a community organic farm each week learning to grow and harvest with hand tools (no machinery) whilst also keeping up an evolving yoga practice.



I also devoted myself to the Sacred Feminine and the Goddess energy of the land, with channelled and intuitive Pagan practices and then took a nine month training in Taoist Practices whilst also teaching number of yoga and Shakti Dance classes each week.  During the training I moved to a beautiful home in Godney a tiny village which would once have sat in the waters and marshes surrounding Glastonbury Tor and there I learnt to work with Spirit and find my abilities as an intuive-psychic, channel and healing energy worker.


Having worked extensiviely with practices which highlight, heal and utilise the connection between the mind and the soul, this became an important element of my work - psycho-spiritual development - and I love that I can share tools and techniques which mean people can take responsibiltiy for their own changes and healing on a day to day, moment to moment basis, not just when they come to a class or come for a reading. 



Not everyone is going to want to or need to change their lives like I did, but if you are reading this website, perhaps you are searching for something and I encourage you to be brave and follow your heart and soul until you find whatever you are seeking.



If I could give just one message to the world, it woud be that change starts from within, every outward action has feeling and/or thought behind it and the most potent force for good is love, so learn how to love yourself, know your worth, do the healing and make the changes you want to, because you deserve happiness. Do whatever it takes, to discover what it is to love yourself and how to develop your ability to do so. This the single most effective element I have found to becoming a stronger and clearer channel of that most potent force for good in your own life, the lives of your loved ones and in the world. 

Life is meant to be lived

in eternal joy, 

infinite freedom,

unconditional love

and unbounded awareness.

Any other life is entirely missing the point of being born a human


- Maharishi Sadashiva Isham

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To live in peace and harmony with ourselves, each other, Nature and Spirit copyright Ella Étoile 2019